Syndicate X App: I AM LEADER Section Access

A special section of the Syndicate X App and Network is included and accessible ONLY with the purchase of I AM LEADER. In there you will find extended content delving deep into the book and concepts presented, bi-weekly leadership lectures, group chats and discussions, Q&As with authors, artists, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and much more. Available for iOS and Android, the Syndicate X Library app is your gateway to pursuit of fulfilling your full potential. 


    App / Network Features
    • I AM LEADER Activation:  Access to deep discussions into the book and concepts discussed within. 
    • 17 Laws of Leadership Live: Access to live events unveiling the new 17 Laws of Leadership hosted and written by Chris Collins.
    • Book Club: A reading group with monthly leadership titles that are fundamental to becoming a well-rounded leader.
    • Collector's Edition Book Sets: Syndicate X Library special edition classics released as a collectors set in unique colors.
    • Events: In-Person events, group meet-ups, Q&As, chats, Zoom calls and networking events

    Various sections of the app can be accessed for free and through monthly plans, however, to access the I AM LEADER Book section, you must purchase a copy of the book itself.