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Leadership (Squared): A Journey of Discovery

Leadership (Squared): A Journey of Discovery

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A once in a lifetime Leadership learning experience. Intense, two-day workshop
based on the principles of I AM LEADER. Hosted in the private “Syndicate X Library”

  • Pre-workshop preparation kit mailed to you upon registration, completion
    of release and questionnaire.
  • A deep and insightful recounting of the history of Leadership over the ages
    from over 25,000 curated books.
  • A limited, first edition of the I AM LEADER Book (General Admission package)
  • Learn little known "Master Cheat Codes" giving you an advantage in
    business, relationships, and life.
  • Gain valuable new perspectives and learn to see hidden opportunities.
    Become the 1-in-a-million leader that you admire.

Here are some quotes from past attendees:
"Many years in business, I have attended many Leadership classes; this is something else."

"Beyond words. Hard to explain, but man..."
"Something we really need right now. I am sending my son.”

"Was a real eye-opener for me."

Introducing your immersive experience instructor, Chris Collins!

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and let me introduce you to Chris Collins, the Founder of Syndicate X Library of Business and Leadership! A treasure trove of over 25,000 books, meticulously curated for the movers and shakers of the business world.

This is a library like no other, designed to help Leaders learn from the past, thrive in the present, and shape the future.

Chris Collins isn't just any entrepreneur; he's a Turnaround Specialist having fixed hundreds of businesses and influenced billions in sales through his Books, Insightful Mentorship, and transformative Leadership Experiences.

A true modern-day Renaissance man, Chris brings wisdom and innovation to the table, guiding business leaders to unparalleled heights. So come on down, and discover the magic and freedom of Syndicate X Library.
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